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MICI is more than a magazine

it’s a message of unique and individual beauty, purpose and worth.

MICI is a uniquely Australian-based but global brand that encourages the heart of everywoman fighting to meet the demands of life – to discover her truest identity is found in Christ. MICI seamlessly mixes contemporary but sophisticated, modest yet trendy, peaceful yet inspiring, bold yet grace-giving-style … with real and raw dialogue around the issues that face us all.



Printed issues are produced quarterly, and can be subscribed to separately – however to keep you up to date with all things ‘mici’ you choose to subscribe to our monthly online magazines in the same beloved mici style, bundled together with our print issues for an affordable monthly payment.




“When the world is telling you who youre not, God is whispering WHO YOU ARE!”

-Janelle Knox-

MICI Founder